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welcome to inward studio

I decided to create a new blog site as part of my return to film as my medium of choice.  The images included on this site were all shot using analog technology.  The images are as they were captured.  There are no fancy Photoshop techniques or Lightroom presets applied to the images.  If you prefer natural images that beautifully and faithfully record a moment, take a look around.


all grown up

I've photographed Lydia since she was very young.  I'm always thrilled with the results.  This session at Morgan View Farm is no exception.

Tech notes:

Portra 400 | Hasselblad 503CX | 150 4C | Miller's Lab

FP-3000B | Mamiya Universal | 100 2.8 


instant love

I had the honor of being included in multiple posts (1, 2, 3) on Snap It See It last week.  It was a week of posts devoted to weddings captured on a variety of instant films.  Take a moment to check out all of the amazing images.


time flies

I've been really bad about blogging lately.  I'm trying to do better.  

Here is one from a recent shoot with Brier and Moss bow ties.  It is honestly one of my favorite images ever.

Tech notes:

Nikon FM | 105 2.5 | Kodak Tri-X



Photographing a high school senior is fun because you can break the rules and try new things.  Alexandria was no exception.  She had fun and it shows.

Tech notes:

Hasselblad | 150 f4C | Portra 400      

Nikon F100 | 85 f1.8 | BW400CN    

Miller's Lab